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ABOUT US | Americas Engineers | Engineering, Architecture, Consulting, Project Management, Evansville, Indiana
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About Americas Engineers, Inc

A Certified Minority Business Enterprise Company

Americas Engineers, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with technical excellence, proactive collaboration, and relationship building. K.C. Jain, founder of Americas Engineers, has over 30 years experience working with commercial and industrial businesses across the U.S. and abroad. From small commercial jobs to large-scale industrial applications, Americas Engineers, Inc. works to exceed the needs and desires of the client.

Mr. Jain has over 22 years experience in the local area working on several projects for global clients such as GE, Toyota, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Vectren, Shoe Carnival, Populous, PGW and EVSC, just to name a few. These companies are the best at what they do.

With a Master of Science in Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Mr. Jain is a registered P.E. in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, California, and Pennsylvania. A true professional, Mr. Jain holds to the highest standards in the industry and prides himself on fair and forthright work ethics. AEI engineers are also licensed to provide their services in several states across the U.S.

Experienced in providing a turnkey solution for clients, Americas Engineers, Inc. offers a Design/Build alternative for tightly scheduled projects. Furthermore, AEI’s competitive bidding process offers a cost-effective solution for the client needs and desires. AEI consistently works as a team with the client, end users, architect, and contractors; and provides services for small projects up to large projects of $30 million.

Established in 2004, Americas Engineers, Inc. received Indiana’s classification as a
Certified Minority Business Enterprise. 

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