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Department of Parks and Recreation Tepe Park | Americas Engineers | Engineering, Architecture, Consulting, Project Management, Evansville, Indiana

Department of Parks and Recreation Tepe Park

Americas Engineers Project

Providing Volunteer Architectural Services For a City Park

Americas Engineers, Inc. was asked by the City of Evansville’s Department of Parks & Recreation to volunteer services for some preliminary renderings for Tepe Park located off Garvin Street in Evansville.

The development of Tepe Parks Master Plan includes an official waffle ball field, open shelter, adjacent to existing restroom facility, additional parking, playground equipment, and tennis and basketball courts. The site will also feature an ADA walking path and bench seating throughout the park. Plans have also been discussed for a water feature.

The developed renderings have helped the Tepe Park Neighborhood Association gain a better understanding to the proposed changes to their park.

Services Provided:

Size: Approximately 2 acres
The project will be built in two phases starting in 2011.

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