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Duke Energy

Americas Engineers Project

Excellence in Build-to-Suit Industrial Facility Design

Americas Engineers, Inc. was selected by a team from Duke Energy Corporation to collaborate in the design of their new generating station in Edwardsport, Indiana.  This new state-of-the-art generating facility occupies over 100 acres, and is the first use of this new technology in the United States.  This new industrial facility will allow the client to increase their overall generating capacity, therefore alleviating some of the stress on the nation's aging power grid.
Americas Engineers, Inc. worked closely with the client to complete the design for the Administration & Control Room Building, which serves as the “brain” of the new plant.  Special focus was given on the front end of the project to meet the client’s distinct floor plan needs, providing a final layout exceeding the client’s expectations.
The new facility houses the main control room for the power plant, a process analysis laboratory, the technical engineering group as well as the executive area.  With detailed focus on space planning and centralizing groups, the new facility provides an efficient layout while minimizing construction costs.

Services Provided:

Size:  30,720 SF (new)
Occupancy Date:  March 2009

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