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PGW Re-Op Tub

Americas Engineers Project

Re-Op Tub

Americas Engineers, Inc. completed a design-build turnkey project to identify parts that do not meet the specifications and automatically remove them from the production line. The system included a vision system, PLC and robot programming modifications, robot cell modifications, and a "tub" to handle the rejected parts.
The vision system inspected and verified the quality of the parts. The part was then tracked via the program to the robot. The robot either placed the part in the production tub for the next process if it was identified as a good part, or the Re-Op tub for disposition if it was identified as a reject part. The robot cell was modified to include a light curtain to allow safe and easy access to handle the re-op tub and the parts in it.
The project eliminated defective parts from getting to the downstream processes thus improving throughput and reducing rework of the production process.  

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Completion Date:  November 2011

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