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Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage - Riverfront Corridor | Americas Engineers | Engineering, Architecture, Consulting, Project Management, Evansville, Indiana

Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage - Riverfront Corridor

Americas Engineers Project

Providing Community Welfare and Public Safety.

Americas Engineers, Inc. was contracted by the City of Evansville’s Department of Parks & Recreation to investigate the trail failures in the Riverfront Corridor of the Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage.  The scope of the work involved examining the paved walkway located on the Ohio River Levee, the levee slopes, and the gabion wall located on the river-side of the levee.

This analysis included soil borings, asphalt core samples, stone base and soil subgrade samples and analysis, visual observations of the gabion wall and the paved trail, and a detailed review of the construction drawings and survey data provided by the city’s engineering department to monitor slope movement over the previous eight months.

From this investigation, Americas Engineers, Inc. generated a detailed report that highlighted the findings as well as gave suggested remedial actions to correct the problem and minimize any further movement of the levee and walkway.

Services Provided:

Size:  515 LF of levee & walkway
Completion Date:  December 2005

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