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Shoe Carnival Distribution Center | Americas Engineers | Engineering, Architecture, Consulting, Project Management, Evansville, Indiana

Shoe Carnival Distribution Center

Americas Engineers Project

Mass Distribution Design Solutions for Corporate Facilities.

Americas Engineers, Inc. teamed up with Woodward Commercial Realty Inc. to meet Shoe Carnival’s need for expansion and future growth.  The new 410,000 sq ft. distribution center was the first phase of a $40 million expansion project by Shoe Carnival.  This distribution center serves over 260 stores nationwide and employs over 150 people.
Americas Engineers, Inc. worked hand-in-hand with Shoe Carnival and Woodward Commercial Realty, Inc. to design the electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems for this large-scale operations center. 
The new facility is complete with 60 loading docks, an internal state-of-the-art racking system, and a smoke extraction system, which in case of fire, minimizes smoke damage to goods stored inside.  Located just off Interstate 164, the building and site were designed with future expansion in mind to meet the needs of the client for many years to come.

Services Provided:

Size:  410,000 SF (new)
Completion Date:  December 2006

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