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Tri-State Hindu Temple | Americas Engineers | Engineering, Architecture, Consulting, Project Management, Evansville, Indiana

Tri-State Hindu Temple

Americas Engineers Project

Providing Our Services to Local Organizations

Americas Engineers, Inc. provided full architectural/engineering services to meet the needs of the local Hindu society.  With the nearest temples to Evansville at a two-hour drive, there was a need for a centralized Temple to serve the tri-state area.  Implementing cost saving strategies, the design meets the client’s current space needs with areas designed for future expansion as needed.
This multifunction design allows the Temple to not only serve as a place of worship but also as a place to hold special events, religious activities and ceremonies, birthday celebrations, and fellowship dinners.  Special considerations were taken during design and construction to honor certain religious practices and allow time for pre-construction ceremonies.
The new Temple is complete with offices, rest rooms, shower, full kitchen, large multi-purpose room, and a worship room.  It currently serves around 500 people in the Tri-State area.

Services Provided:

Size:  5,000 SF (new)
Completion Date:  January 2007

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